Something New for The New Year

Happy Holiday’s from The Blue Rose Foundation!

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? Do they work for you? 

We have something different for you to try this year.

Several years ago, my family (borrowed from my husband’s friend, thanks Rich!) gave up on resolutions. We wanted to try something new. We all thought of a word that we would try to live by for the year.  Mine was patience. My children were 8 and 5 at the time, so it was necessary…

I love this new resolution alternative. So much so that I told some friends that I was going to suggest the New Year’s Word alternative on this month’s blog. They loved it too and below is what I learned from sharing it with them. 


Jen said her word is “fun.” My friend Jen is the “fun mom”, so her word being fun is perfectly fitting! She has a 14 year old daughter who needs a little encouragement to get out of the house in the morning. So, Jen makes her a special tea to ease her into the morning, (with sugar and spice and everything nice). Now she gets up and gets going because she gets this wonderful tea! This is just one example of how Jen is “Fun Mom”! Another is that she and her daughter are throwing a “hot chocolate” party, complete with Covid rapid testing, PJ’s, hot chocolate and holiday movies for friends to celebrate the holidays. I would never have thought of that, but then again, my word isn’t fun.


Jean’s word is “health.” She is on a health journey that she is rocking, so her word is supporting her goal of improving her health. She’s doing intermittent fasting and ramped up the exercise to include at least 30 minutes several days a week. We walk on Saturday morning and she holds me accountable for that Saturday morning tradition. More on accountability later.


Debbie’s word is “present.” With such a busy schedule, Debbie sometimes finds it hard to be present in the moment at home, thinking about all the other things (tasks, commitments, emails, calls, texts) that she needs to be doing for work, home, and all the other tasks that come with being a mom. She hopes focusing on being present will help her live in the moment and really connect with her kids and husband.


Kadie chose “dedication.” Kadie wants to dedicate to her health and personal goals. Kadie is a body builder, and as such, she is on a very strict diet all the time, which at times can be challenging to maintain. She is also training to be a barber and she needs to study her craft, get the clippers out and practice. By choosing dedication, Kadie hopes to focus on the things in life that need personal attention.


Shawna’s word is “authentic-self”. To try and look past the sub-conscience fear of not being good enough and judgment by herself and the fear of judgment from others. To take more moments where she can get out of her  head and logical thoughts and to be more in touch with actually just feeling more. To take a moment and ask herself, “What am I feeling, without thinking about it,” and just feeling. (Can you tell she’s in her head a lot??) To think less about all of the “should do’s”, and embrace the moment more. To show up as her authentic-self more and more, in whatever capacity that means.  She can bring her fun self, her serious self, her sad self, her silly self, her smart self, her stupid self, her optimistic self, her reflective self, her loving self, and all of the colors in between. 


As for me, my word is “accountable.” I am a master at starting projects/goals/tasks, but am terrible at completing them. I need to unlearn procrastination. I want to focus on holding myself accountable for my responsibilities. 

What is your word to focus on this year? Share it with us!  Reach out and let us know on social media, (Instagram/Twitter/FaceBook/LinkedIn) or go to our website.

We wish you Happy Holidays!


Co-Executive Director

The Blue Rose Foundation

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