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Rainbow over Old Adobe School and Church


“Change is the only Constant” -Heraclitus, Greek philosopher. As we get further and further away from our own preschool experience, we know the truth that is this quote. The only thing we can consistently count...
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Party Invitation for Party 4 Preschool September 24, 2022


The Blue Rose Foundation is hosting a Party-4-Preschool. 
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List of Summer Activities

Last Summer Fun Lists of 2022 – Before the Fall To-Do Lists Take Over

Fall is on the horizon. For some, this is welcome news. For others, something to push until there’s no denying it.  We thought we’d pull together some ideas you can do in the last “hurrah”...
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Fighting Inflation – Long-Term Investing Strategies

Fighting Inflation – Long-Term Investing Strategies

One of the big issues that we’re all feeling is inflation. Nobody likes inflation, but those with less feel it even more in their everyday life. It brings to light really hard decisions. Can we...
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Picture of little kids running towards camera in grass. Text: "School's out... But Preschool's Still In! Share how important preschool is Benefiting 3 generations and our Whole society."


Long-term studies have proven the Benefits of preschool education provided to children from economically disadvantaged households extend to three generations and the whole of society. 
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Black folded ribbon in cupped hands

Acknowledging the Texas School Tragedy

Without diminishing the effort, sacrifice, and sheer determination that made Tim and Kellen’s ride a success, we feel we must also acknowledge the tragic events that took place this week in Uvalde, Texas. This must...
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Celebrating Tim & Kellen’s Ride-to-Hipnic Success!

Celebrating Tim & Kellen’s Ride-to-Hipnic Success!

When Tim and Kellen came to us months ago with this crazy idea, to ride their bikes from Fairfax to Fernwood (~180 miles) in 4 days, we were thrilled, if a little confused. How would...
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Tim Bluhm and Kellen Coffis in Bike Gear

Celebrate Earth Day with Ride-to-Hipnic

What’s a good way to celebrate Earth Day? How about a looooong bike ride that helps end the cycle of poverty?! That’s exactly what Tim Bluhm (The Mother Hips) and Kellen Coffis (The Coffis Brothers)...
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Heart drawn with blue and yellow lines

What We Can Do

With all that is heavy these days, we want to share some good ways to support the people and families of Ukraine and a few ways to enjoy our new season.
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Picture of the book cover: One Drop of Kindness

Author Jeff Kubiak – Highlighting Kindness

This month, we are very excited to have a chance to highlight a fantastic author, educator, speaker, and family man, Jeff Kubiak!  Jeff has written 3 books and is hard at work on his 4th. ...
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Picture of three flowers with hearts as flowers text says: Grow the love with a kindness challenge and includes The Blue Rose logo and name

TBRF Kindness Challenge 2022

February is usually associated with Valentine’s Day, so we are all ready to share the love this month, but we at TBRF think it can be even bigger! While National Kindness Day is in November,...
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Brie - Dog with front paws on log


Although we are not where any of us had thought we would be, after almost 2 years of the Covid-19 Pandemic – the January Funk is strong this year – there are still so many...
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Blue Background White Words Graphic: What's Your Resolution (crossed out) Word?


Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? Do they work for you?  We have something different for you to try this year. A word to live by for 2022.
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Graphic of GivingTuesday logo plus The Blue Rose Foundation logo equals a rose with the GivingTuesday logo as the leaf and The Blue Rose Foundation logo as pink flower top

#GivingTuesday – Why We Participate

“It started in 2012 by the 92nd Street Y, a New York City nonprofit organization dating back to 1874, as part of a partnership with the United Nations Foundation. In an interview with NPR during...
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Old Adobe School Building with Rainbow behind it

Our Very First Preschool Scholarship Partner – The Old Adobe School

Our absolute favorite thing about the work we do is getting to know more about the schools that receive The Blue Rose Foundation grants. This month, we were fortunate to get an update from Michaela...
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Let's send everyone back to school graphic with "back to school" written on chalkboard - Together with The Blue Rose Foundation and Logo below.

Back to School (and loving it!)

It’s here! Back to school…in person! The transition of going to school for the first time or going back to school after our Covid break can be a challenge for anyone. But it is especially...
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Two small boys running away from camera as if racing

A Little Story of Tommy and Jimmy

Imagine two little boys, Tommy and Jimmy. Tommy receives a preschool scholarship, but unfortunately, Jimmy doesn’t. To find out what happens…
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Linda Arnold Musician with daughter and grandchild on stage about to sing

7 Reasons Why Music is So Important

In our quest to learn more about how music benefits children we were fortunate to have musician Linda Arnold, an early proponent for getting children involved with music, join us for a Q&A.
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2021 Tax Day postponed - Picture of May Calendar with Tax Day written on May 17th and part of 1040 Federal Income Tax form

3 Reasons to Donate

In case you haven’t already heard, you’re in for a bit of good news, the IRS pushed back Tax Day to May 17th for 2021! In celebration (let’s hear it for Silver Linings!), here are...
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Two smiling girls playing clapping game with blurry kids in background

Same Goal, Different Path

Many of us have seen the heart wrenching images and stories of children asylum seekers around the world. PILAglobal is addressing a critical part of this issue, here and abroad, – focusing on early childhood...
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