COVID-19 Preschool Emergency Fund

With all the changes the Covid-19 global pandemic has brought to our lives, The Blue Rose Foundation added to our focus this year. Our main objective is to provide scholarship grants for preschools to assist financially disadvantaged children.  But, during these strange and crazy pandemic times, The Blue Rose Foundation realizes the preschool community has new, unprecedented needs.

We created a new Covid-19 Emergency Fund exclusively through the generous  corporate donation from Indie Global. Thank you, Indie Global! This fund helps provide additional money to preschools to successfully adapt to the different needs during the Covid-19 global pandemic. Whether it’s for PPE, dividers, hand washing stations, cameras, and extra laptops or tablets, this fund helps schools get what they really need to facilitate distance learning, reopen or stay open.

Through this grant, in addition to our scholarship schools, we have expanded our reach to include 12 new schools nationwide – touching the lives of over 820 children so far. We are so grateful for the donation and for the schools that are continuing to bring some sort of normalcy to these children’s lives.

How can you help? You can reach out to your local preschools to find out what they need most!

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