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Thank you for your support of The Blue Rose Foundation. Are you interested in becoming more involved? Become a Blue Rose Foundation Ambassador! 

We can provide you with the tools to help educate others who are willing to learn about the importance of preschool and our mission to help financially disadvantaged children start school on a level playing field.  Providing grants for preschool scholarships helps these children onto a level playing field, giving them a better chance to become successful members of their community. 

While most people know that preschool is important, a majority of them don’t know exactly why.  An Ambassador’s mission is to enlighten others about how and why preschool is important for EVERY child.  

When you sign up to become an Ambassador, we will send you an official Ambassador Kit to help you raise awareness about this important cause. 

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Interested in working with The Blue Rose Foundation? There are many ways we can partner with you. Contact us to start a conversation.

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100% of your donation supports preschool
education for underprivileged children

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