Party Invitation for Party 4 Preschool September 24, 2022
The Blue Rose Foundation is hosting a Party-4-Preschool. 
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List of Summer Activities
Fall is on the horizon. For some, this is welcome news. For others, something to push until there’s no denying it.  We thought we’d pull together some ideas you can do in the last “hurrah” of summer. Before we get back to our regular schedules, colder weather (depending on where you live), and the drum...
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Fighting Inflation – Long-Term Investing Strategies
One of the big issues that we’re all feeling is inflation. Nobody likes inflation, but those with less feel it even more in their everyday life. It brings to light really hard decisions. Can we afford this food, this medicine, our rent? It forces out regular items and opportunities that were once a given and...
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Picture of little kids running towards camera in grass. Text: "School's out... But Preschool's Still In! Share how important preschool is Benefiting 3 generations and our Whole society."
Long-term studies have proven the Benefits of preschool education provided to children from economically disadvantaged households extend to three generations and the whole of society. 
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Black folded ribbon in cupped hands
Without diminishing the effort, sacrifice, and sheer determination that made Tim and Kellen’s ride a success, we feel we must also acknowledge the tragic events that took place this week in Uvalde, Texas. This must stop. It is in our power to hold our representatives to task and make meaningful gun reform changes at a...
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Celebrating Tim & Kellen’s Ride-to-Hipnic Success!
When Tim and Kellen came to us months ago with this crazy idea, to ride their bikes from Fairfax to Fernwood (~180 miles) in 4 days, we were thrilled, if a little confused. How would that work? Is it dangerous? Why would you want to do that?? 🚴😅
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Tim Bluhm and Kellen Coffis in Bike Gear
What’s a good way to celebrate Earth Day? How about a looooong bike ride that helps end the cycle of poverty?! That’s exactly what Tim Bluhm (The Mother Hips) and Kellen Coffis (The Coffis Brothers) are doing. They are taking the long (and earth friendly) way to the Hipnic Festival and enjoying every moment –...
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Heart drawn with blue and yellow lines
With all that is heavy these days, we want to share some good ways to support the people and families of Ukraine and a few ways to enjoy our new season.
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Picture of the book cover: One Drop of Kindness
This month, we are very excited to have a chance to highlight a fantastic author, educator, speaker, and family man, Jeff Kubiak!  Jeff has written 3 books and is hard at work on his 4th.  The first one, One Drop of Kindness  (also available in Spanish) is about, you guessed it, Kindness. 
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