Silver Linings

This Months Silver Lining

Silver Linings and Post-Covid Dreams…we are truly inspired and humbled.

With our president declaring all adults eligible for vaccines by April 19, we are getting closer to getting back to some semblance of normalcy. In the meantime, we have another fabulous Silver Linings and Post Covid Dreams from one of our incredible supporters.

Understanding how your kids learn and what works (and doesn’t work)! Getting home projects done that we would not have had time to do. Understanding the people and things that bring you joy, and limiting (or completely removing) the people and things that drain you. That being “busy” is often times busy work and not meaningful work

I am looking forward to hugging my friends and extended family. I’m looking forward to being impulsive – taking a trip, going to dinner, having a party, without having to wonder if it is safe to do so. I’m looking forward to my kids being kids again – without having to worry about a pandemic, whether they will be in-person for school or when they can get back to doing “normal” things.

Jean, Santa Rosa

what 2020 taught us

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    Finding a silver lining hasn’t been easy this year. I have noticed though that my kids have learned how to be at home and even hang out with each other. They were so used to being busy, going from one planned activity to another, that good old fashioned playing in your room or out on the sidewalk was a lost art! I suppose I could say the same about myself. I drink more tea, watch more TV, and go on more walks. I’ve had to seriously lower my standard of cleanliness now that every room is an office or a school room. It sometimes feels like I live in a frat house, but it’s okay. This is temporary.

    As far as what I’m looking forward to? Number one is traveling, but honestly sitting in a crowded restaurant sounds almost as satisfying.
    Erika, Seattle

    With the vaccine becoming increasingly available and we, hopefully, look to the end of the pandemic, what have we learned? Is there a silver lining?

    I’ve learned that the human spirit is resilient, and we have a visceral need for community. Among all the tragedy, people hope and care for each other. I’ve learned that small things matter, a smile or a kind word, bringing a loaf of bread to your neighbor, or calling that friend you haven’t spoken to in several years just to say you are thinking of them.

    I’ve learned the beauty of gratitude. I’m grateful for the simple things, my family, our health, a nice day, or a walk in the park. Or the not so simple things, our democracy.

    I am grateful for The Blue Rose Foundation’s work and those educators who support and serve our most vulnerable students. Like the Blue Rose Foundation, during these isolating and trying times, I’ve seen the impact of an investment in education. My daughter-in-law teaches in an underserved community, and now, many times, she is the only person, outside the family, her kids see. She is their lifeline. As she has said many times, when education starts young and you can foster it, not only do you educate, you build self esteem. You only need one teacher to believe in a child. During this pandemic, she has had more students come to her during office hours for help, not only with class work, but for life guidance. If there is anytime to invest in education, it is now!

    As for the future, once COVID subsides…..I’m looking forward to gathering in person, and rather a smile or kind word, a hug!

    Thank you Blue Rose for your commitment to our most vulnerable children!



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