Our Team

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Sarah Sande Poletto

Co-Executive Director

Sarah shares the Co-Executive Directorship for The Blue Rose Foundation with Hilarie Sander.  

Sarah has a BA in Political Science from the University of Washington where she met and became fast friends with her Co-Executive Director, Hilarie.  Sarah has a MNA (Master’s in Nonprofit Administration) from the University of San Francisco.   

Sarah started working in the nonprofit sector with her father in Uganda. She fell in love with the county and the work while living in Uganda with an Infectious Diseases organization.  Sarah went back to school for her MNA after returning from Uganda while she worked at a research institute in San Francisco. 

Sarah and her husband started The Blue Rose Foundation in 2015. The overall goal for TBRF is to start our future leaders on the path to a successful educational career. 

Sarah lives in Northern California with her husband, their two children and five dogs. 

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Hilarie Sander

Co-Executive Director

Hilarie shares the Co-Executive Directorship for The Blue Rose Foundation with Sarah Sande Poletto. 

Hilarie has a BA in English from the University of Washington where she was lucky enough to meet her soul sister and Co-Executive Director, Sarah. Hilarie has a JD from University of San Francisco and previously practiced law at K&L Gates. 

Always drawn to the nonprofit sector and passionate about early childhood support, she jumped at the opportunity to work with The Blue Rose Foundation on its admirable mission to provide equal access to preschool resources. Starting our future leaders on an early pathway to success, strengthening our families and communities. She was previously a board member of a Seattle non-profit focused on providing children and parenting programming and support, and a neighborhood foodbank. 

Hilarie lives in Seattle with her husband, Geoff, twin girls and just one cat.

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