Silver linings ok first thoughts….

  • Family dinners (every night)
  • A new COVID puppy
  • Daytime walks with the dogs and occasionally the kids
  • Time to spend getting to know friends better (yes that is you ladies)
  • Time spent with the kids as their friend playing games, doing homework, talking….(cause they had no other friends to hang with)
  • Learning what I love (and need to change) about my home and actually spending quality time enjoying it
  • Monopoly, Cards, Exploding Kittens and all the other family games played when there used to “never be time”
  • A renewed relationship with jigsaw puzzles.
  • Trying and finding a few new recipes to put in our weekly rotations

What am I looking forward to..

  • Hugging.  Everyone I know and miss 
  • Play dates for the kids.  Where it’s ok if not than one friend is over and no need to keep checking that they are not too close or inside. 
  • Planning or accepting invitations to see friends no matter what the weather, no matter how many families, no matter who they may have seen the week before. 
  • TIME ALONE.  In the house, at a spa, at the office, pretty much anywhere.  

But I think top of the list is casual, easy, days with friends.  

Debbie, Santa Rosa

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