What 2020 Taught Us

Phew, 2020 was quite a year, given everything that happened (pandemic, protests, election, etc.). Since our foundation is about education, and starting children on a path of lifelong learning, we thought January would be a good time to reflect on what 2020 taught us.

We, (Hilarie and Sarah) talked about the past year, and what it meant for us. When we say “talked” we mean via google doc, because, well, it’s still a pandemic. (Have you guys ever done that? Try it, it’s fun to see the words type out … and back to fix the misspelling or as your coworker fixes their word choice. What?! We have to entertain ourselves in some ways since we can’t actually work together.)

even 2020 had a silver lining First, we acknowledge how lucky we are. We survived 2020. We are so thankful to have our health, our jobs, and our families. Too many of our friends and community members weren’t as lucky. Our hearts go out to the millions that have been so terribly affected by the pandemic. And due to these circumstances, even more families with preschool age children need help right now. That being said…

This month’s blog rings in the new year by focusing on some silver linings and a lot of gratitude. 

Our Google Docs Conversation

Hi, Hilarie. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Sarah! So, what did we learn from 2020?

To laugh, to love, to live in the here and now. To appreciate what we do have.

What do you mean by living in the here and now?

live for the momentBe in the moment. I really never understood what that meant until it was thrust upon me in 2020. Trying to work while my husband was working in another room and our children were in Zoom classes throughout the house and the 5 dogs were barking at nothing, was a challenge that a lot of people can relate to now. Luckily I love my job. I have the best work partner in the world, you of course(!) and I love our commitment to our mission.

Awe, I love my job and working with you too! I think that is true. This year has forced me to be in the now whenever I had to figure out what meeting my kids had to be in or some other technical issues as I was trying to do work or have a call at the same time, lol.

I also learned to rely on the love of my family and friends. We really are in this together. During those moments when everything is crazy, like the dogs barking and the kids “schooling” and the internet going out (because it is overused) being able to laugh at the absurdity of it all with my family and friends was, and still is, a life saver! Thank goodness for my husband, he has made me laugh with his silly jokes or pulling the kids away from media to go outside, all the little things he has done to make the quarantine manageable! I also have a group of friends that I chat with on a fairly regular basis. Those friends have gotten me through some tough days. We are able to be real with each other, some days are good, optimistic days and some are hard and gloomy. But throughout all the days, we talk, laugh, cry a little bit and help each other through it, together.

the power of friends and familyI really came to appreciate being able to stay with my extended family during this time. It was such a blessing to be able to celebrate holidays with them because we’re all quarantining together.

I am learning to appreciate my children as individuals, realizing that they are struggling with the pandemic in their own unique ways. They miss their friends, they miss having other kids their own age to talk to. Distance learning is hard! For everyone! This just reminds me why it is so important to start kids on a love of learning early. If my kids didn’t have that foundation of learning, distance learning would be nearly impossible.

I think that’s exactly right, distance learning IS hard for everyone, but we have to try to remember that it’s hardest for the kids. And without a good foundation before distance learning, I can’t even imagine…

We both realize the world can be scary, especially now. Aside from the pandemic, this past year brought to light other challenges, Black Lives Matter awareness, economic inequality, housing and food insecurity, just to name a few. Our kids, collectively, were thrown into the chaos of 2020 with fewer resources and skills than we, as adults, have gathered in our lives and just might be handling it better.

Silver Linings

Even with the upheaval and confusion of 2020, it is important to remember that the year brought some Silver Linings. A few of our Silver Linings are:

  • Getting the opportunity to spend quality time with our family and in our bubble.
  • Learning to communicate in new and unique ways.
  • Using those unique ways to be more in touch with friends and family who live far away.
  • Realizing that giving back, helping out, and reaching out are paramount to our well being.

What are your silver linings? We would love to hear from you!

Our Future Hopes

Taking our hard won knowledge from the past year, what are we most looking forward to when the world opens up again?

Sarah: For me, I can’t wait to hug my family members and friends that are not in my immediate household. I can’t wait to get a little dressed up (like out of my Covid-comfy clothes) and eat lunch or dinner inside a restaurant! I can’t wait to travel! Where do I most want to go? I want to travel to Seattle to see my family and Hilarie! 🙂 I want to hug my mom, sisters, brother, nephews, god-children…I most want to go to Hawaii! I want to sit on the beach with my family and friends! I want to dive into the warm salt water and swim with the turtles!

Hilarie: Yes! I can’t wait to actually hang out with friends, inside in a restaurant or watching live music, again. And traveling, what a luxury. But even a car trip somewhere would be great. It’s amazing what a little perspective will do.

We would love for you to share your silver linings and what your plans are for post-Covid! We’ll share your thoughts in next month’s Blog, if you give us your permission, and we can all bask in the hopes for post-Covid joys!

So, we at The Blue Rose Foundation, wish you and yours a safe, healthy and fun 2021!

Sarah and Hilarie



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