You Can Still Make a Difference Before the New Year

Don’t forget. You still have a few more days to give this year and make difference for 2020. Let’s send 2020 off with a bang and start our future leaders on their education adventure on the right foot!

Thanks to donors like you, we’ve been able to provide support through our Scholarship Funds and the Covid19 Emergency Fund Grants to help quality preschools continue to provide a safe and thriving place to learn for over 800 children.

You Can Still Make a Difference and Donate for 2020

Looking forward to 2021, we’re hoping to help as many children as possible achieve their potential.

If you’re still looking for an end of year giving opportunity for 2020, whether in the form of a donation or by starting your own fundraiser to benefit The Blue Rose Foundation, look no further.

Wishing you a Happy New Year! (…doesn’t that mean so much more this year?!)


Sarah Poletto & Hilarie Sander
Co-Executive Directors
The Blue Rose Foundation

P.S. 2020 has additional benefits for charitable donations. If you take the standardized deduction you can now deduct up to an additional $300 in qualified charitable contributions to The Blue Rose Foundation. Those who itemize may deduct cash gifts up to 100% of their adjusted gross income in 2020. Of course, you should contact your tax advisor for additional information on the CARES Act and changes to charitable donations in 2020!


Donate and Make a Difference for 2020

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