It's a Party!

A Party-4-Preschool

Who doesn’t love a party? And it’s been so long since we’ve seen you all in person!

Are you in Northern California? Join us for our Party-4-Preschool, Saturday, 9/24, 2-4pm. We’d love to reconnect, enjoy some beer tasting with Mad Fritz, wine tasting with BOXT, eat a little food and talk about just how important this preschool time is for all. But really we just want to see you again!

Party Invitation for Party 4 Preschool September 24, 2022


Mad Fritz Logo "Mad Fritz ... a fabled beer."

And even if you don’t live in Northern California, you can still taste some great wine.  Join BOXT and get your own that will last into the fall, and support your favorite cause. Make sure to use code BLUEROSE when you order! The children supported by The Blue Rose Foundation thank you!

Button to BOXT Offer - Support Preschool Scholarships and The Blue Rose Foundation with every subscription to @drinkboxt signup code: BLUEROSE

BOXT is an environmentally responsible woman-founded and led company that has created an aesthetically pleasing wine with tastes inspired by the delicious house wines of Europe. Their perfectly blended profiles are here to fulfill your every mood and now you don’t have to waste that open bottle that doesn’t get finished. Once you tap in, the wine stays fresh for up to six weeks.

Mad Fritz Logo "Mad Fritz ... a fabled beer."

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