Fighting Inflation

Long-Term Investing Strategies

It seems like there is a lot of turmoil and important causes clamoring for our attention, energy and donations these days, more than ever before. There is a lot going on at every level – globally (war, hunger, environmental), nationally (divisive politics and an imploding government – one part can’t seem to get any work done and the other is doing work our forefathers never imagined it would) and locally (for many of us – inflation and divisive politics causing rifts right down to neighbors and families). We know there is a lot on everyone’s minds these days which sometimes makes preschool seem like a small fry problem.

One of the big issues that we’re all feeling is inflation. Nobody likes inflation, but those with less feel it even more in their everyday life. It brings to light really hard decisions. Can we afford this food, this medicine, our rent? It forces out regular items and opportunities that were once a given and now become a “luxury” – like preschool, because it’s not yet universally provided.

But in reality, just like preventative medicine, preschool is just what we all need to focus on to get our world in working order! Working better in just a few short years (like 25-35). I know that sounds like a long time but in the grand scheme of things, it’s really pretty short. In 25 years, those 4 year olds will be 29. In 35 years, they’ll be 39 and hopefully helping to run our country and contribute to making our world better and more peaceful.

Investing in early childhood education is a cost-effective strategy for promoting economic growth. Our economic future depends on providing the tools for upward mobility and building a highly educated, skilled workforce. –The Heckman Equation

By sending those who need it most to preschool we can help build a better educated populace for our future, one that has better outcomes in education and health, better outcomes in their life. They can use their education to make well thought through choices and decisions to lead our country and help our world.

It’s important to tackle all the critical world, national and local fires but we also have to remember to invest in our future by investing in our most valuable commodity, our children.  

To give children their best start, preschool is a critical first step to their education. And then those empowered critical thinkers can help with all these issues as our future leaders!

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Fighting Inflation – Long-Term Investing Strategies

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