Celebrating Tim and Kellen's Ride to Hipnic Success!

A huge thank you to Tim Bluhm and Kellen Coffis for their unbelievable fundraiser, Ride-To-Hipnic, benefiting The Blue Rose Foundation.

Kellen Coffis and Tim Bluhm with their bikes before their start of Ride To Hipnic

When Tim and Kellen came to us months ago with this crazy idea, to ride their bikes from Fairfax to Fernwood (~180 miles) in 4 days, we were thrilled, if a little confused. How would that work? Is it dangerous? Why would you want to do that??

Tim and Kellen have always been incredible supporters of TBRF (playing at benefit shows, spreading awareness about how important preschool is, being ambassadors and asking others to donate during #GT), but this? This is going above and beyond.  

They know studies show that investing in quality preschool for financially disadvantaged children has lasting benefits for that child, their family, their future family, AND society as a whole – making a real dent in the cycle of poverty. They understand how important it is to start children on a preschool journey, and they wanted to help!  

Tim and Kellen reached out to their community and started fundraising in early April. They got sponsors (Big thanks to Humble Sea Brewing, Mission Hills Creamery, Old Princeton Landing, and Swift Industries), donors, and even had supporters join them for different legs of the ride!  

Collage of pictures from Tim and Kellen's Ride to Hipnic 

In the end, Tim and Kellen rode 181.28 (!) miles in just 4 days (!!) before they put on a great show at Hipnic XIII (a 3 day musical festival at Fernwood Campground in Big Sur, CA) for diehard fans and music lovers alike, AND RAISED $6,758!

Kellen's ride tracker maps pieced together to show the whole Ride to Hipnic

These aren’t the flat roads of the midwest. These are hilly and sometimes treacherous stretches of road on the California coast. We knew they were rockstars but now they are forever SUPERSTARS to The Blue Rose Foundation. 

Tim Bluhm riding uphill on Highway with ocean to his right

AND thank YOU! You know who you are. Thank you for donating to Tim & Kellen’s Ride-To-Hipnic! Thank you for starting a fundraising page! Thank you for sponsoring! Thank you for joining or following along and supporting Tim and Kellen on their journey!  Most of all, thank you for helping to take a small step to break the cycle of poverty by starting more children on their positive educational journey with preschool! 


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