TBRF Kindness Challenge 2022

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February is usually associated with Valentine’s Day, so we are all ready to share the love this month, but we at TBRF think it can be even bigger! While National Kindness Day is in November, February is the perfect month to expand our day of celebrating love with a Kindness Challenge.

Have you ever noticed that a smile is contagious? Well, kindness is also!  So in the spirit of love and fun, we challenge you to spread kindness!  Thank you Jeff Kubiak for the great idea and your book, One Drop of Kindness.

“How do I spread kindness?” You might ask. I’m glad you did, let me give you some ideas on how to start!   

There are big ways to show kindness, like volunteering and donating to a charity (TBRF is accepting donations). But just as important, are the small ways of showing kindness.  

We invited our grantee schools to take part in the “Kindness Challenge” as well, starting off with small acts of kindness, like:

  • being a thoughtful friend, 
  • holding the door for someone behind you, 
  • painting rocks with kind words and placing them around their environment for others to find (and re-place), and 
  • using kind words and tones when speaking to others.

These are just some ideas that we came up with. We would love to hear your ideas too!    

In order to keep track of the acts of kindness, we drew up a simple Kindness Chart.  Here’s a picture of my family’s chart.  

Picture of Kindness Challenge Chart

At the end of the month of February, the participant in my house who has the most checks or stars will receive a special gift.  

Don’t have any kids? Don’t  worry! Create a kindness chart for yourself!  What challenges can you do to spread kindness? Does your elderly neighbor need some help? Do your friends need an ear?  What does kindness mean to you? Give yourself a gold star every time you do something nice for someone else.

The goal with this kindness challenge is to get everyone in the habit of being kind. When we do that the feeling grows and spreads like a beautiful, well tended garden. 

It can take 3 weeks to create a habit.  So with the month of February, we hope you can all grow a kindness habit that will last throughout the year and beyond.  

Please share your ideas for your kindness project with us, and with your friends, together we can spread kindness! #TBRFKindnessChallenge and don’t forget to tag us when you do.

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