2022 Silver Linings

Something Shiny to Focus On

Welcome to 2022! Although we are not where any of us thought we would be, after almost 2 years of the Covid-19 Pandemic – the January Funk is strong this year – there are still so many blessings we can find in this chaotic time.  We wanted something shiny to distract us, so this month’s blog is all about Silver Linings!  

We have been fortunate throughout the past 21 months to be able to work from home, spend time with family, test-often, and vaccinate. In November, my son turned 12, the week the vaccine was approved for 5-11 year olds. We are so grateful for the opportunity to vaccinate our children and to boost and vaccinate ourselves! 

We have gathered together more silver linings because we think it helps remember some positives that have come from the chaos, loss, fear, and confusion of the past 21 months. 

Here are a few of our favorites!

Ingrid in Oakland: I have a renewed appreciation for house clothes (hello warm socks and soft sweaters!), satisfaction from planning/cooking/cleaning my own meals rather than public food, I have been cold/flu free since 2019, indoor living= less sun damage on your skin, and drive-up shopping (Target, Whole Foods)!

Dan in New York City: No commute, free snacks at home, if I need to do some online shopping, no one is judging me when they walk by my desk.  If the calendar allows, I can put the Price Is Right on the TV as background. Everyone is so happy on The Price is Right, so in these stressful times, it is fun to see all the smiles and excitement.  

Lauren in San Francisco: At the start of the pandemic, my now husband and I reacted as so many other millennials did [and everyone else], we got a puppy!  As a teacher, distance learning was a really isolating time, and our sweet pup got me out of the house, in the community, and laughing at all the lightness there still was in the world.  When we transitioned back to in-person learning, I was thrilled apart from one obvious change, I’d have to leave our beloved dog each day.  It also meant getting back to the grind of waking up early and commuting, but in this change I found a peaceful silver lining.  I now start every morning with a walk around our neighborhood with the pup.  I make myself a cappuccino and breathe in the quiet, dawn-lit morning air with the dog.  This has changed the start of my day, and been a much needed reminder that small acts are each an opportunity to be present and find comfort.

Brie - Dog with front paws on log
Brie, Lauren’s puppy.

Jason in Walnut Creek: Travel and adventure big and small have always been a huge part of our family life, and before Covid, trips seemed further outward looking than years prior, a new place to mtn bike, ski slope to conquer or country to visit.  And 2020 was looking solid with trips in the hopper.  Then it hit, lock down and traveling canceled.  Turns out, some of the best places to explore are within 20 minutes from home. New trails, rides, runs, new vistas with views.  Places that I’ve passed by for decades…on a daily basis, and never thought to explore.  Places I’ll now go for decades to come.  With us it became a game during the Summer of 2020, then Fall, then Winter to find a new place every weekend.  It continued and we still scour google maps for a new spot tucked away even if its five miles down the road.  The scale of everything decreased, seemed smaller, and for the better.  Or rather we opened our eyes to the immensity nearby.  Fortunate to live in a region that offers so much outdoors, it took the pandemic to slow time and realize some of the best things in life are the ones immediately surrounding us, not just places, but people, neighbors, friends and family…. the silver linings.

Diane in Santa Rosa: One of my favorite silver linings during the pandemic is listening to music. When I was young, I fell in love with Carol King. I thought and still do feel she is amazing.  In one of her songs, the words really resonate with me. “You got to get up every morning with a smile on your face and show the world all the love in your heart.” I find myself singing this song more often than not. A smile is free and if you look at our young children, they love and smile freely.  I now see smiling eyes since we are wearing masks.

Carole King smiling sitting at piano microphone
Carole King Career Timeline by PBS

I tutor children from pre-k to high school. Children who have a pre-school education develop emotionally, physically, socially and intellectually above and beyond children who do not receive the experience. I applaud The Blue Rose Foundation in helping our economically challenged families in providing Grants for early childhood education. They truly understand how critical an early education is for all children. They continue to be a silver lining in our communities through their resources.

In my office, I have words on my wall for all to read…..”Be Kind, Be Honest, Be Grateful.” I have found many silver linings during the pandemic when I follow these words,

Looking Forward: I am looking forward to having the educational system back to a somewhat normal routine with learning as the forefront without all the pandemic distractions. 


Please send us YOUR silver linings, sometimes just remembering what makes us smile amid the chaos can make our day.

We hope these gave you a smile and chased away the January funk – at least for a little while.


Sarah & Hilarie 

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