A Little Story of Tommy and Jimmy

2 Kids, One In Preschool

Preschool – we’ve heard a lot more about it in the news these days since the new proposal for universal preschool. Either you know from personal experience, or based on other information, you know how important preschool is to get a child ready to put their best foot forward in kindergarten and beyond. 

Imagine two little boys, Tommy and Jimmy. Both boys’ families have similar economic situations making preschool an impossibility without help. Tommy receives a preschool scholarship, but unfortunately, Jimmy doesn’t. 

What some people don’t realize is that some of the most important lessons learned in preschool aren’t even our ABCs or 123s. It’s learning to follow directions, how to share, and working out problems with our friends in socially acceptable ways. These lessons benefit us throughout life. 

These lessons, along with the academic ones, are what put Tommy at an advantage over Jimmy. Tommy feels ready to respond when his teacher asks everyone to. He doesn’t get in trouble because he knows how to follow directions. He feels better about his overall school experience. This opens up the door for him so he can do better. 

Kids raising their hands


This better overall educational experience leads to lower suspension rates, higher likelihood of employment, and opportunities to put himself in a better position down the road. It keeps him out of jail, he’s more likely to find employment and really, gives him a chance to create his best life – for himself, his family and his community.

Isn’t that what we want for everyone? The opportunity to do one’s best, live their best life, put one’s best foot forward, and live a better life than the generation before.


We are hopeful that funding for universal preschool will pass. We know what a difference that could make to so many low income families. But until then, please help send an economically disadvantaged kid to preschool.

What you can do

Share this post or like us and share our FaceBook post. The numbers show that it can make all the difference in their lives, affecting not only them but our whole community, too! Your support can make a difference that outlasts us all.

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