Becoming Something I Did Not Think I Would Ever Be

As each day passes, we’re getting closer to getting back to some semblance of normalcy. In the meantime, we have another fabulous Silver Linings and Post Covid Dreams from one of our incredible supporters.

I am what most would consider an extreme extrovert. So, quarantine over the last year has been very challenging for me, to say the least. When the city was on a tighter lock down, a friend loaned me their bicycle. I was not only not a cyclist; but, my mindset was very well fixed on the fact that I would never be a cyclist- not now, not ever. However, my boredom, coupled with the freedom that those two wheels afforded, led me to take a spin. I started with a short ride- I thought to myself- “Wow, I did that and I didn’t die!” So, I then started adding more miles to my rides, selecting new routes, setting goals, and purchasing cycling gear. Now, you are thinking that my silver lining is that I am now riding 100+ miles a week, have a base of cycling know-how, and have been building up endurance in the saddle, right? Or, better yet, that I now consider myself a real cyclist? Kinda of, but not exactly.

My silver lining is that I was given the opportunity to become something that I did not think I would ever be. I was given the opportunity to challenge myself- my body physically, my fixed mindset, and my mental barriers. I was scared to ride, I crashed a few times, I got a few flat tires, I broke a spoke, I got a little lost, I may have cried a few times- but, I endured. Covid19 quarantine led me to my new love- my love of cycling; and most importantly, my love of self and knowing what I can do when I just decide to take a little spin.

When life starts to return to pre-covid normal, I do badly want to ride my bike to all of my friends houses and give them big hugs!

Lisa, Seattle

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