A Time of Reflection

With our president declaring all adults eligible for vaccines by April 19, we are getting closer to getting back to some semblance of normalcy. In the meantime, we have another fabulous Silver Linings and Post Covid Dreams from one of our incredible supporters.

Understanding how your kids learn and what works (and doesn’t work)! Getting home projects done that we would not have had time to do. Understanding the people and things that bring you joy, and limiting (or completely removing) the people and things that drain you. That being “busy” is often times busy work and not meaningful work

I am looking forward to hugging my friends and extended family. I’m looking forward to being impulsive – taking a trip, going to dinner, having a party, without having to wonder if it is safe to do so. I’m looking forward to my kids being kids again – without having to worry about a pandemic, whether they will be in-person for school or when they can get back to doing “normal” things.

Jean, Santa Rosa

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