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Supporting Early Childhood Development Here & Abroad!

Many of us have seen the heart wrenching images and stories of children asylum seekers around the world. PILAglobal is addressing a critical part of this issue, here and abroad, – focusing on early childhood development and education. An issue, as you know, that is near and dear to our hearts.

We recently met with the dynamic women leading this amazing organization and we could not wait to introduce you to them in this month’s post!

PILAglobal Like the Blue Rose Foundation, PILAglobal, what you might call a sisters-in-arms organization, is also addressing a crucial piece of the early childhood development and education puzzle. They started out partnering with Los Angeles schools serving large numbers of low-income students to collaborate with teachers, transform classrooms, and rethink outdated educational practices to create equity.

PILAglobal Childrens Asylum Seekers SupportThen they took their mission abroad to address the tragic condition asylum seeker children face in camps. These children had no safe space to learn, grow, and play. So PILAglobal made a safe space for children to do just these essential activities – to survive, grow, and thrive. PILAglobal calls these safe spaces “Nests” (on three continents so far!) to serve children who would otherwise be denied access to a safe place to play and learn.

If you are interested in learning more about this inspiring organization and their newest Nest, please join us in attending their free PILAglobal presentation about hope for children who are denied access to education because of poverty, persecution, and displacement. Or if you don’t have time to join the presentation, donations are always welcome! Learn more about PILAglobal and their incredible and crucial work here.

Learn More About PILAglobal’s Free Presentation!

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