April 2021
With our president declaring all adults eligible for vaccines by April 19, we are getting closer to getting back to some semblance of normalcy. In the meantime, we have another fabulous Silver Linings and Post Covid Dreams from one of our incredible supporters. Understanding how your kids learn and what works (and doesn’t work)! Getting...
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2021 Tax Day postponed - Picture of May Calendar with Tax Day written on May 17th and part of 1040 Federal Income Tax form
In case you haven’t already heard, you’re in for a bit of good news, the IRS pushed back Tax Day to May 17th for 2021! In celebration (let’s hear it for Silver Linings!), here are 3 great reasons to donate to your favorite charity.
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Two smiling girls playing clapping game with blurry kids in background
Many of us have seen the heart wrenching images and stories of children asylum seekers around the world. PILAglobal is addressing a critical part of this issue, here and abroad, – focusing on early childhood development and education. An issue, as you know, that is near and dear to our hearts.
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