5 Reasons to Read to Your Kids

Celebrating National Reading Month!

I love to read! The gift of reading was instilled in me from a very young age. My family would all settle down in the evenings with their favorite book and read. Remember, this is before tablets or cable television. I wasn’t given any other option, so I started to read as well; Judy Blume, Shell Silversteen, just to name a few, contributed to my joy!

Do You love to read?Reading opens up the whole world to the reader. Your imagination is your only limitation! And even if you have an older child, reading together is a great way to spend quality time with each other – bonding, which is just one of the 5 reasons to read with your kids that we’re highlighting in this month’s blog.

Sarah Poletto
Co-Executive Director

5 Reasons to Read to Your Kids

1. Bonding While Modeling a Love of Booksa mother reads to her kids
Reading is the perfect opportunity to spend quality, quiet time with your child, creating a sense of security and worth. A child who sees a parent or caregiver enjoying books and sharing that love of books creates a positive association for the child, too.

2. Listening
Giving your child the chance to listen and practice their listening skills helps them develop those ever so important skills that are paramount in learning to read and being a successful student.

3. Cognitive and Language Development, Not to Mention Attention Span
Give your kids a leg up in school! Studies show that children who are read to and talked to from a young age score higher in language skills and cognitive development like problem solving, as well as, expanding the number and variety of words they use compared to children who were not read to.

With repeated reading, over time children learn to sit still, develop a longer attention span, and even work on their budding memory-retention skills.

4. Creativity
Take a moment to read to your kidsReading feeds kids’ creativity. Books and stories open up whole new worlds for children. Fiction stories also go beyond the real world and employ fantasy elements that help kids start thinking outside the box. When you read, the world is open to every possibility!

5. Life Lessons
Reading stories about children their own age and how that character deals with it can help teach them how to handle difficult or stressful situations they may encounter or feel uncomfortable with in their own lives. Reading these stories helps open up the conversation and show the children that their feelings are normal.

A Follow Up With the Fabulous Ginger Wadsworth

Due to the wonderful response to our conversation with Ginger Wadsworth and in celebration of NationalGinger Wadsworth Born to Draw Book Reading Month, we are sending a signed copy of Born To Draw Comics to all The Blue Rose Foundation schools. 

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